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1/8" Armature Support

This is a special tool for turning or "truing up" the armature on radio controlled electric motors for increased performance. This tool fits in the tailstock and supports the 1/8" diameter motor shaft in a brass bushing while it is turned and the armature is machined true. (Note: a 1/8" WW Collet is recommended for holding the shaft in the headstock.)

870-3040-000   $  

Four-jaw chucks have four advantages over three-jaw chucks. 1) They can be used to hold irregularly shaped parts. 2) With the use of a dial indicator, they can be used to center parts with great accuracy. 3) Four-jaw chucks can be used to deliberately hold a part off-center. 4) They can clamp stock tighter. This is a valuable asset when machining cams, crankshafts, and similar parts. The main disadvantage of the 4-jaw independent chuck is that the jaws must be individually set, adding extra time to setups. Like the 3-jaw chucks, 4-jaw chucks can be used to clamp either externally or internally. This 2.5" (63mm) 4-jaw chuck is designed to grip from 3/32" (2mm) up to 1-3/16" (30mm) diameter stock with the jaws in the normal position. For larger diameters, the jaws are reversed to grip up to 2-1/4" (56mm). The chuck has a .687" (17mm) through hole with a 3/4-16 thread. A hex key is used to tighten each jaw individually. Tommy bars (provided) are used in the holes in the side to tighten and loosen the chuck for more leverage. A groove is around the base of the chuck so that angle clamps can be used to mount it to the table of a mill as a holding fixture.

870-1044-000   $  


This compact chuck is a good all-around workhorse for most lathe work. It has a clamping range of from 3/32" (2 mm) up to 1-3/16" (30 mm) diameter with the jaws in the normal position. With the jaws in the reversed position, work up to 2-1/4" (56 mm) can be gripped. The hole through the chuck is .687" (17 mm). Rotating the knurled ring closes all three jaws simultaneously to quickly grip round or hexagonal stock. Tommy bars (provided) are used in the holes in the side to tighten and loosen the chuck for more leverage. The chuck has a 3/4-16 thread to fit the spindle on the lathe or mill.

870-1041-000   $  


Milling Collets

These milling collets are designed to be used with the Morse #1 internal taper that is standard on both the lathe and vertical mill. Set consists of a 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" mill collets, a drawbolt and a thrust washer. They will hold the tool very tightly and precisely.

870-3060-000   $  


WW Collet Set


Collets provide a quick, easy method of mounting cylindrical parts or bar stock in a lathe with a great deal of centering accuracy.

870-1160-000   $

Spur Driver

Used in the Headstock to drive wood when turning between centers. It is a simple and direct method which takes less time to set up than using a 3 Jaw Chuck.

870-3035-000   $

Vertical Milling Table


This can be mounted on the lathe crosslide to allow milling with a lathe.


870-1185-000   $

Chuck to Tee Slot Adapter

Mounts the chuck to the lathe or mill table for use as a vise to hold parts while machining.

870-1187-000  $

Live Center

The center is ball bearing mounted so that it can rotate with the part, reducing wear and heat.

870-1191-000   $

Boring Head

Holds boring tools. The main advantage of boring over drilling is that the hole will always come out in perfect alignment with the spindle whereas a drill may "wander".

870-3054-000   $

Adjustable Live Center

Allows you to precisely position the center to eliminate vibrating or wobbling of the part.
870-1201-000   $

4-jaw Chuck Hold Down Set

Consists of two clamps complete with screws and "T" nuts and can be used to clamp the 4 Jaw Chuck to the Milling Table or Lathe Crosslide.

870-3058-000   $

Adjustable Tailstock Chuck Holder

As with the 1201, highly accurate centering can be achieved for your chuck.

870-1202-000   $

Fly Cutter

A flycutter is a great way to machine flat surfaces. It can be easily sharpened and is probably the most economical way to remove material on a mill.

870-3052-000   $

Adjustable Tailstock Custom Tool Holder

By making your own custom split collet with a 5/8" outside diameter, this part can hold virtually any tool you wish to adapt to it. A set screw tightens on the collet, holding the tool in place.

870-1203-000   $

Milling Collets

Same as above (870-3060-000), except metric. Sizes are 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm.

870-3090-000   $

Spacer Block Kit

Provides additional clearance, allowing larger parts to be turned on your lathe.

870-1291-000   $

Slitting Saw Holder

Typically used for mounting a slitting saw to the mill spindle.

870-3065-000   $

Tailstock Riser Block

Complements #1291, allowing larger parts to be turned between centers.

870-1292-000   $

Drill Chuck and Draw Bar

For using the mill as a drilling machine. Drawbar(not shown) prevents the arbor from working loose during use.
870-3072-000   $

Mill Headstock Spacer

Designed to get the spindle farther out from the column, allowing you to work farther in from the edge.

870-1297-000   $

End Mill Set

A set of three High Speed Steel end mills. Sizes are 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4".

870-3080-000   $

Cutoff Tool and Holder

Sometimes referred to as a “parting tool". The cutoff tool and holder consists of a very slender high-speed tool steel cutting blade mounted in a special holder.

870-3002-000   $

Indexing Attachment

A unique design that provides a very economical means of accurately rotating a part so that special features (i.e. flats on a nut, teeth on a gear, or splines on a shaft) may be machined.

870-3200-000   $

Knurling Tool Holder

Add a professional look to your parts. Consists of a right and left side which evenly tighten down on your part, creating a diamond knurl.

870-3004-000   $

Milling Vise

Convenient way to hold small parts for milling.

870-3551-000   $

Carbide Tool Set

Recommended for cutting hard or abrasive materials. Not as easy to sharpen as high speed steel.

870-3006-000   $

Rotary Table Right Angle Attachment

This has been designed to easily mount the Rotary Table on a vertical plane and still maintain rigidity.

870-3701-000   $

High Speed Steel Tool Set

Cutting tool for use on most materials including wood, plastic, aluminum, brass and steel.

870-3007-000  $

Optional Tail Stock for Mill

Mounts on mill table and is adjustable to allow for perfect alignment between the rotary table and the tailstock while holding long parts between centers.

870-3702-000   $

Two Position Tool Post 5/16-3/8"

Mounts two lathe tools at once.

870-3008-000   $

Valenite Insert Holder Tool Post

This tool holder is designed to hold the larger GE Valenite cutting tools.

870-7600-000   $

Center Drill Set

Used with the lathe to center drill stock for mounting in the lathe. Also used extensively with the milling machine to accurately start holes.

870-3021-000   $
Provides three adjustable brass blades mounted in a holder to the bed of the lathe. These blades can be set to the diameter of the part to provide necessary support while it turns.
870-1074-000   $
The brass supports actually move along with or "follow" the cutter. It is used to support a piece of round stock while it is still being machined to keep the part from deflecting away from the tool.
870-1090-000   $
Collets provide a quick, easy method of mounting cylindrical parts or bar stock in a lathe with a great deal of centering accuracy.
870-1161-000   $

Provide a simple and inexpensive way to adjust for height using a carriage bolt as an adjustable spacer.

870-3012-000   $

A practical way to solve one of the more difficult problems that come up in the machine trades; that is, clamping a part to the table.


870-3013-000   $

Will increase the versatility of your milling machine by enabling you to hold some of the most popular cutters.

870-3079-000   $

Boring Tool

Boring tools are high speed steel tools designed for use with the boring head #3054.

870-3061-000   $

Allows you to attach the 3-Jaw chuck to the rotary table so that you can hold round pieces.

870-3709-000   $

A very useful tool for precisely locating edge of part.


870-1000-000   $

Allows chucks with a 3/4-16 spindle thread to be mounted to the tailstock for holding tools or work

870-1230-000   $

Digitizing Probe with 3/8" shaft and ruby.

980-0100-001   $


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