4-axis CNC Machining Center

4-Axis CNC Machining Center Animation
MN400E w/ Mighty Drive
4-Axis CNC Machining Center Animation
Fluted Barrel Part

This 4 axis CNC system comes complete with everything you need for 4 axis operation-all you provide is a low cost PC and you're ready to make jewelry, rings and custom gears under CNC control without special attachments. Now you're no longer tied down to a manual machine!

High Performance
The latest technology constant current chopping drives used in the MightyDrive 400 power electronics result in high feed and rapid rates, while the built-in MN400 advanced motion controller insures maximum reliability with the use of opto-isolated inputs and outputs on ALL connections. Other systems may use direct connection or a printer port whose reliability is not acceptable for industrial applications.
Low Cost Accessories
Since our CNC machines are designed around existing manual machines, they accept standard tools and accessories. This means you won't have to spend a fortune on specialized or custom tooling. The most commonly needed ones are included with the package for the convenience and added savings. We offer a full assortment of low cost tools and accessories.
MicroKinetics CNC systems are expertly built and performance tested to conform to stringent standards. Detailed assembly and testing procedures and checklists are followed to insure consistent, repeatable, high quality.  All components are individually tested and the complete system is tested again as a unit before shipment.
Industry Leader
MicroKinetics offers the best reasonably priced CNC systems and knowledgeable technical support in the industry. Five year warranty on electronics and one year warranty on mechanics. MicroKinetics has been offering CNC systems to educational institutions, hobbyists, research facilities and small machine shops since 1985 using the same business philosophy, expert engineering and technical support!
X-axis Travel
Y-axis Travel
Z-axis Travel
.003" Max.
Hole thru Spindle
Spindle Nose Thread
3/4"-16 TPI
Spindle Taper
#1 Morse
Spindle Speed Range
75-2800 RPM
Spindle Motor
1/2 HP DC
Table Size
2.75 × 13"
  • Deluxe mill w/ resettable handwheels
  • CNC rotary table with 3 jaw chuck
  • Stepper motors (3) 175 oz-in
  • MD400 high performance power driver
  • MillMaster Pro G-code control & graphical software
  • Limit switches, cables, and technical manuals
  • Included accessories:
Headstock Spacer Photo
Drill Chuck Photo
Milling Vise Photo

Mill Headstock Spacer Block


Drill Chuck


Milling Vise


4 Jaw Chuck Hold-Down Photo
Hold-Down Set Photo
3/8" End Mill Holder Photo

4-Jaw Chuck Hold-Down


Hold-Down Set


3/8" End Mill Holder


Right Angle Attachment Photo
Hold-Down Set Photo
Right Angle Tailstock Photo

Rotary Table Right Angle Attachment


Rotary Table Chuck Adapter


Rotary Table Right Angle Tailstock



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BT 4 Axis CNC MIll - MN Pkg



DT 4 Axis CNC Mill - MN Pkg




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