CNC Lathes Models 1236 & 1340
Lathe 1236
High Quality 220V, 2Hp Single Phase Spindle Motor Adjustable Spindle Speed (70-1400 rpm) On-thefly 35-130% Feedrate Override Powerful Step Motors End-of-Travel and Home Reference Limits Switches Zero Backlash Ballscrews

» Proven performer! More than twice the machining speed of our nearest competitor.

» Reliable! In production for over 8 years with many customers who come back and purchase more machines as their needs grow.

» Guaranteed. Five year warranty on electronics, free software updates, and expert technical support.

» Includes the stands, many accessories, and professional crating at no extra charge.

MN400 Advanced Motion Controller (Included in DriveRack)

The CNC Lathe Models 1236 and 1340 are now well proven CNC turning machines that have established themselves for over 8 years to be of unprecedented value in prototyping, tool making, tensile test parts sampling, and small to medium production. With 200+ machines delivered in USA and world wide of this model (1236 &1340) and several thousand tabletop lathes delivered by MicroKinetics of all models, the company has demonstrated experience to deliver value and quality for a quarter of century. Advanced CNC machining on a lathe using a standard PC or laptop is now affordable and a pleasure to use with all the latest enhancements of high performance USB based motion control and the continual development of our amazing TurnMaster Pro master control software. Now featuring automatic wizards for threading, roughing of tapers and arcs, and feeds and speeds selections for a variety of common materials. What's more, the VFD option now allows constant surface speeds for great surface finish. With the availability of Automatic tool post and turret support, these lathes can have the capability of much more expensive production CNC lathes.

High Speeds
The latest technology constant current chopping drives used in the DriveRack power electronics result in very high feed and rapid rates, while the MN400 motion controller insures maximum reliability with the use of opto-isolated inputs and outputs on ALL connections. Other systems may use direct connection or a printer port whose reliability is not acceptable for industrial applications.
Low Cost Accessories
Since our CNC machines are designed around existing manual machines, they accept standard tools and accessories. This means you won't have to spend a fortune on specialized or custom tooling. The most commonly needed ones are included with the package for the convenience and added savings. We offer a full assortment of low cost tools and accessories.
MicroKinetics CNC systems are expertly built and performance tested to conform to stringent standards. Detailed assembly and testing procedures and checklists are followed to insure consistent, repeatable, high quality.  All components are individually tested and the complete system is tested again as a unit before shipment.
Industry Leader
MicroKinetics offers the best reasonably priced CNC systems and knowledgeable technical support in the industry. Five year warranty on electronics and one year warranty on mechanics. MicroKinetics has been offering CNC systems to educational institutions, hobbyists, research facilities and small machine shops since 1985 using the same business philosophy, expert engineering and technical support!


Model 1236
Model 1340
Swing Over Bed
Swing Over Gap
18 3/4 "
Length of Gap
7 7/8"
Swing Over Cross-Slide
Swing Over Compound
Distance Between Centers
40 "
Carriage Travel
35 1/4"
Cross-Slide Travel
6 7/8 "
Compound Travel
2 5/8"
2 5/8"
Tailstock Spindle Travel
3 5/8"
3 3/4 "
Tailstock Taper
3 MT
3 MT
Spindle Nose Mounting
Spindle Bore Diameter
1 3/8"
Spindle Taper
5 MT
5 MT
Spindle Taper with Sleeve
3 MT
3 MT
Spindle Speeds (Number) Range
(9) 70 - 1400
(8) 70 - 2000
Motor & Electrics
2 HP, 220V, single phase
2 HP, 220V, single phase
Machine Dimensions W/O Stand
22"H x 26"W x 60"L
30"H x 33"W x 73"L
Floor Space Required - Max.
30"W x 70"L
36"W x 73"L
  • Geared head with splash oil lubrication
  • Easy change 9 Speeds and infinitely variable speeds with VFD
  • Powerful 2 HP motor, 1 phase, 220 Volt D1-4 spindle
  • Hardened and ground bed with reinforced cross ribs
  • Headstock with tapered roller bearings
  • Electromagnetic starter switch
  • Large spindle bore diameter
  • High speed machining


The electronics, and software are our half stepping high power 80 volt DriveRack system (2 axis) with TurnMaster Pro software and the MN400 motion controller. The motors are 42m1625 and 34m470.
  • CNC Lathe Model 1236 or 1340
  • Stepper Motors: (1) 470 oz-in (1) 1625 oz-in
  • DriveRack 2-Axis 80V F/H
  • MN400 Advanced Motion Controller
  • TurnMaster Pro G-code control & graphical software
  • Limit switches, cables, and technical manuals
  • Includes the stand and chip pan
  • Plus all the following accessories:
6" 3-Jaw Chuck with reverse jaws and key
7" 4-Jaw Chuck Photo
10" Faceplate Photo
6" 3-Jaw Chuck
7" 4-Jaw Chuck
10" Faceplate
Dead Center Photo
3 MT Dead Center
4-Way Toolpost Photo
Toolbox Photo
1 1/16" Capacity 4-way Toolpost


Toolbox with Tools

Optional Accessories

Collet Closer
Flood Coolant System

999-1236-010 Collet Closer for 1236

999-1340-010 Collet Closer for 1340

999-6500-010 Flood Coolant System complete with all needed accessories
Quick Change Tooling
Boring Bar Set
999-1236-200 Quick Change Tooling Package
999-1236-003 Boring Bar Set

NEW 999-1236-460 Automatic Tool Turret 6 Station

(3 phase power not required)

999-1236-450 AT6-1236 Tool Change Riser Kit

999-1236-455 AT6-1340 Tool Change Riser Kit

999-1236-461 Round Tool Holder for AT6

999-1236-462 Square Tool Holder for AT6


NEW 999-1236-440 Automatic Tool Post 4 Station

(3 phase power not required)

999-1236-430 AT4-1236 Tool Change Riser Kit

999-1236-435 AT4-1340 Tool Change Riser Kit

900-0200-201 Round Tool Adapter for AT4 900-0200-111 ER16 Straight Shank 5/8 Chuck
VFD Keypad
999-1236-050 Variable Speed Spindle
900-0200-001 ER16 Precision Collet Set


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Automatic 4 Station Tool Post


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NEW Automatic 6 Station Tool Turret plus Air Collet Closer and Bar Puller




Sample Parts



Order #



Lathe 1236 Package



Lathe 1236 w/ Threading


Lathe 1340 Package



Lathe 1340 w/ Threading


Collet Closer for 1236
Collet Closer for 1340
Variable Speed Spindle Option


New Low Price

 Flood Coolant System



 Boring Bar Set



Quick Change Tooling Package



Automatic Tool Post 4 Station



AT4-1236 Tool Change Riser Kit



AT4-1340 Tool Change Riser Kit



Round Tool Adapter (5/8" I.D.) for AT4



Automatic Tool Turret 6 Station



AT6-1236 Tool Change Riser Kit



AT6-1340 Tool Change Riser Kit



Round Tool Holder(5/8" ID) for AT6



Square Tool Holder for AT6



ER16 Straight Shank 5/8 Chuck



ER16 Precision Collet Set



5C Collet set for manual or air collet closers



Air Collet Closer with Air Controls and Bar Puller pkg for 1236 lathes



Air Collet Closer with Air Controls and Bar Puller pkg for 1340 lathes



MultiCAM Software

Prices updated 02/20/2015