Multi-axis Controllers

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The multi-axis controllers featured here are complete CNC machine controllers designed for ease of installation and immediate operation. These rugged, metal enclosed units consist of motor drive electronics and power supplies that are prewired, pretested and ready for use. All systems feature an on/off switch or an E-stop and momentary key electronic interlock, solid state relay(s), convenient motor connections, controlled AC outlets(s), and appropriate cabling. All systems include variable feed rate override control on the front panel or via remote connection.

Intelligent Rack-Mount Controllers

The DriveRack is a rack-mountable industrial power driver subsystem with built-in MN400 motion controller, power supplies, and drivers for up to 4 stepper motors and comes standard with 2 software-controlled AC outlets. The front panel is equipped with power, fault, and output status indicators, a keylock switch, and an emergency stop button. The DriveRack connects directly to a USB or a legacy serial port on a Windows computer to provide a high performance, efficient motion control system. Drivers are available in full/half and microstepping models with maximum output power of 10 amps @ 80 vdc. Up to 4 software-controlled AC outlets can be installed at time of build or added at a future date.


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DriveRack 2x MN400 F/H



DriveRack 2x MN400 Micro



DriveRack 3x MN400 F/H



DriveRack 3x MN400 Micro



DriveRack 4x MN400 F/H



DriveRack 4x MN400 Micro



CNC Rack-Mount Control Systems for Full-Size Machines

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A complete pre-engineered package to automate your full-size Bridgeport, Enco, or similar size knee mill. Just couple the motor shafts to your machine's drive screws, plug in the cables, turn on the power, and install the software. You can immediately jog the motors by pressing Ctrl-J, and clicking on the X+, X-, Y+, Y-, Z+, and Z- buttons! It's literally that easy! You can write simple part programs as well as use the built in wizards screens to generate programs for pockets and bolt hole circles. The drill holes can be simple down/up or with chip break cycles, chip clearing cycles etc... You can also use your favorite CAM program to generate complex 3D simultaneous surfacing machining tool paths. This same controller can also be used to automate a lathe. You would just use the TurnMaster Pro software. The 3 Axis version would also be able to control a tool turret. A tower orientation is available on request.


  • DriveRack high performance power driver
  • Built-in Motionet MN400 motion controller
  • The 2 axis models are typically for lathes and come standard with (1) 34HT1275 and (1) 34HT750 motors
  • The 3 axis models are for Mills and come standard with (2) 42HT1700 and (1) 34HT1275 motors
  • Choice of motors (Choose between 42HT1700, 34HT1275 , and 34HT750)
  • All motors come with prewired armoured cables and locking circular connectors
  • G-code control & graphical software ( MillMaster Pro or TurnMaster Pro )
  • All cables & illustrated manuals


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2 Axis Rack Mount System- MN400



3 Axis Rack Mount System - MN400



4 Axis Rack Mount System - MN400



2 Axis Rack Mount Microstepping System- MN400



3 Axis Rack Mount Microstepping System- MN400



4 Axis Rack Mount Microstepping System- MN400



***NEW*** Intelligent Benchtop Controllers

The MD400 is an all-in-one intelligent drive subsystem that houses the MN400 motion controller and the MightyDrive electronics. This unit has a built-in power supply and drivers for up to 4 stepper motors, and a software-controlled AC outlet. This is typically suitable for stepper motors from 30 to 175 oz-in. Standard output current is 1.2 amps per phase @ 40 vdc and other current settings are selected with appropriate resistors. This system has input and output connection terminals for digitizing probes and robotics as well as a safety shield interrupt input. This system can be used with 115 VAC or 230 VAC.


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1 Axis MD400



2 Axis MD400



3 Axis MD400



4 Axis MD400



Legacy MultiDriver Controllers

(for replacement of existing systems or for use with Optistep or MN400E motion controller)

MightyDrive(tm) Benchtop Power Multidriver

The Mighty Drive is a small footprint power driver system with a built-in power supply and drivers for up to 4 stepper motors, and 1 software-controlled AC outlet. Designed for manufacturability, this unit provides a excellent performance with minimal cost. The MightyDrive can be used with the MN400E controller and is typically suitable for stepper motors from 30 to 175 oz-in. Standard output current is 1.2 amps per phase @ 40 vdc. Other current settings between 0.1 and 1.5 amps are possible and are selected with appropriate resistors.


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Mighty Drive (1 axis)



Mighty Drive (2 axis)



Mighty Drive (3 axis)



Mighty Drive (4 axis)



SuperDrive (tm) Benchtop Power Multidriver

The SuperDrive is a complete power driver system with a built-in power supply, drivers for up to 3 stepper motors, and 2 software-controlled AC outlets. Equipped with output status indicators, and an emergency stop button, the system connects to any step and direction source including the MN400E controller to provide an affordable, efficient motion control system. Suitable for stepper motors from 30 to 450 oz-in. Maximum output is 3.5 amps per phase @ 40 vdc for the full/half stepping version, and 5 amps per phase @ 40 vdc for the microstepping version.


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SuperDrive 2 Axis F/H Stepping



SuperDrive 3 Axis F/H Stepping



SuperDrive 2 Axis Microstepping



SuperDrive 3 Axis Microstepping



SuperDrive 2 Axis F/H Stepping pkg



SuperDrive 3 Axis F/H Stepping pkg



SuperDrive 2 Axis Microstepping pkg



SuperDrive 3 Axis Microstepping pkg



**All systems include same number of motors as axes except 4 axis- these include three motors. A 4th motor or a rotary table can be ordered separately**

Prices updated 02/15/2018