CNC Training Workshop

MicroKinetics offers a two day workshop designed to introduce you to CNC machining using MicroKinetics equipment. This course provides participants with "hands-on" experience through instruction, demonstrations, and discussion. An experienced member of our training staff will guide attendees through the process of designing and making metal parts.
Since class size is limited, we can tailor certain aspects of the instruction to your specific needs.
If you would like to learn more about CNC or you are an accomplished CNC machinist and would like to learn MicroKinetics' systems, this class is the one for you.

 Program Highlights

  • What are G & M codes? And how do I use them?
  • Step-by step, how to design and make a part.
  • How to select and change your cutting tool.
  • How to save part programs for repeated use.
  • Setting the feedrates right.
  • Locating the starting point.
  • Home referenceing using the limit switch feature.
  • Tool changes and offsets.
  • How to use subroutines, macros and their use
  • How to use parametric programming
  • Importing DXF file

CNC Express Mill and CNC Lathe 1236 training classes now forming.

Call for more information or check out the links below.

Click here to let us know that you would like to enroll in a CNC training workshop. A member of our training staff will contact you to discuss your training goals and schedule a date convenient for both you and the instructor. We save a portion of the workshop to address the specific needs of the attendees. Click the following links to obtain more information.

CNC Express Training (Milling operations)
Lathe 1236 Training (Turning operations)