Custom Accelerated Factory Training

The custom accelerated training is a concentrated learning experience where the training activities are targeted to the participant(s) needs. The learning experience is focused on making parts that are specific to drawings or samples previously evaluated by our engineers. Having the instructor's complete attention, this type of training compacts the full learning experience into one day and provides a consultation environment where proprietary designs may be worked on in complete privacy.

Benefits to custom training:

  • Trainer will address your specific design and manufacturing goals
  • Your staff is able to focus and learn efficiently away from daily routines and interruptions
  • More concentrated results in time savings where your staff can return to work quickly and be confident in their new skills
  • Your designs and processes are kept confidential

Call to let us know that you would like to choose this type of training. We will discuss your specific needs,and goals and can schedule a date that is convenient and meets your objectives.