OptiTracker Motion Controller from MicroKinetics

Quadrature Encoder Interface for Closed Loop Positioning


  • 1.3 MHz max input frequency
  • 24 bit presettable counters
  • General purpose 8 input port
  • Accurately start & stop signal reception
  • User selectable ×1, ×2, ×3, ×4 multiplier
  • Includes a DRO program with C source
  • Accepts inputs from either incremental or quadrature encoders (user selectable)
  • Easy to use software is compatible with C and QuickBASIC
OptiTracker Photo

The OptiTracker is a high speed 1, 2, 3, or 4 axis quadrature encoder interface. Designed for standard IBM-PC/XT/AT or compatibles. The maximum speed is a respectable 1.3 MHz in either quadrature or count modes. In quadrature mode the inputs are the A and B (90 degrees out of phase) signals from the encoder, and in count mode the inputs are the step and direction signals. The counters will track absolute counts to ±8,388,607. The index pulse can be read from the input port. Eight TTL compatible inputs are available for general application.


Encoder Compatibility

Single ended, open collector


Standard DB-25, female type

Typical Power Consumption (+5 V):
1 Axis

0.50 A

2 Axes

0.75 A

3 Axes

1.10 A

4 Axes

1.35 A

Overall Dimensions

10.5" L × 4.0" W

Working temperature range

32° F ~ 158° F (0° C ~ 70° C)


5 years parts and labor


The software includes function libraries for DOS and Windows with sample DRO programs written in Visual Basic and C.  
OptiTracker Software Screen Shot


  • 8 or 16 bit IBM PC / AT expansion slot
  • Encoders or glass scales


OptiTracker Block Diagram



OptiTracker Mechanical Outline



OptiTracker Typical Application



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