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Do you have several people that would benefit from participating in or obtaining CNC training, but find it impractical to have them all make a field trip to our factory in Georgia ? Do you have specific training needs that may be focused on safety or a specialized set of parts? Would you benefit from having a skilled MicroKinetics engineer helping you install and setup your system? If so, you'll be glad to know that MicroKinetics now offers these services. Get more out of your machine in less time with training and machine setup services right where you are!

Benefits to on site training:

  • Trainer can address your specific needs- you decide what will be covered
  • You are learning on the exact equipment you will be using
  • More cost effective for larger groups
  • No travel/down time or dealing with security checks, airport security, and car rentals for your personnel. The trainer comes to you.
  • Safety issues can be addressed in the location and in your environment

Call to let us know that you would like to have a representative come on site for training/setup. We will discuss your specific needs, skill level, and goals and can schedule a date that is convenient for you and the instructor.