CNC Milling Machine

Our new LeGrande CNC is a monster machine with superb precision!
Legrande Milling Machine

» FAST: Precise, powerful, and over 150 in/min rapids!

» Compatible: Supports the latest Windows operating systems, includes our advanced USB motion controller, and compatible with most CAD/CAM software.

» Reliable: Five year warranty on electronics, one year on mechanics

» Well Supported: Free software updates, and expert technical support.

» Free Extras: Includes tools, accessories, and skidding on pallets all at no extra charge. (Crating for export extra).

The Le Grande CNC offers the latest advances in technology to provide the highest performing CNC retrofit mill in its class! Capitalizing on a proven, solid machine, the Le Grande CNC has a good size machining envelope, runs on  208-240 VAC single phase, has high speed machining performance, and accommodates coolant, and spindle speed control. Precision ballscrews on all axes allow precision conventional and climb milling operations and accurate circular and contour cuts along any pair of axes without time consuming setups.

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High Speeds
The latest technology constant current chopping drives used in the DriveRack power electronics result in very high feed and rapid rates, while our fully optoisolated motion controller insures maximum reliability with the use of opto-isolated inputs and outputs on ALL connections. Other systems may use direct connection or a printer port whose reliability is typically not suitable for industrial applications.
Low Cost Accessories
Since our CNC machines are designed around existing manual machines, they accept standard tools and accessories. This means you won't have to spend a fortune on specialized or custom tooling. The most commonly needed ones are included with the package for convenience and added savings. We also offer a full assortment of practical tools and accessories to choose from below in the optional accessories section.
MicroKinetics CNC systems are expertly built and performance tested to conform to stringent standards. Detailed assembly, testing procedures and checklists are followed to insure consistent, repeatable, high quality machines.  All components are individually tested and the complete system is tested again as a unit before shipment.
Industry Leader
MicroKinetics offers the best reasonably priced CNC systems and knowledgeable technical support in the industry. Five year warranty on electronics and one year warranty on mechanics. MicroKinetics has been offering CNC systems to educational institutions, hobbyists, research facilities and small machine shops since 1985 using the same business philosophy, expert engineering and technical support!
LeGrande CNC 949
LeGrande CNC 1054
X-axis Travel
32" (812 mm)
36" (914 mm)
Y-axis Travel
12" (305 mm)
15" (381 mm)
Z-axis Travel (quill)
4.75" (120 mm)
4.75" (120 mm)
Vertical Knee Travel
16" (406 mm)
18" (457 mm)
.00025" (.00635 mm)
.00025" (.00635 mm)
Column Type
Head Movement Left / Right
Head Movement Front / Back
Spindle Taper
Spindle Speeds
No. of spindle speeds
Infinitely Variable
Infinitely Variable
Spindle Motor
3 HP 230 VAC
3 HP 230 VAC
Stepper Motors
1700 oz in X,Y 1275 oz in Quill
1700 oz in X,Y 1275 oz in Quil
CNC Control
MicroKinetics MillMaster Pro/Intelligent DriveRack
MicroKinetics MillMaster Pro/Intelligent DriveRack
Vertical Ways
Head Design
Swivel and Tilt
Swivel and Tilt
No of axes
Cross Ways
Table Size
Table Load Capacity
650 lbs.
650 lbs.
Net weight
2200 lbs
3200 lbs
Gross weight
2400 lbs
3400 lbs

CNC LeGrande Unique Advantages:

  • Includes High performance CNC motion controller with continuous contouring.
  • Limit switches for end of travel without relying solely on mechanical dead stops. Mechanical dead stops are included and provide redundancy which comes into play in the unlikely event that a limit sensor malfunctions.
  • Lifetime timing belts derated to never break or need replacement in this application but are important in achieving low vibration and smooth operation.
  • Oiling system.
  • High voltage drivers offer impressive high speed and substantial added position reliability due to increased reserve torque.
  • Our own custom engineered standard G-code based software with regular enhancements.
  • More G-codes and M-codes are now supported, and Windows 10/8/7/XP support.
  • Includes our own intelligent Driverack controller with feedrate override .
  • Includes one year warranty on mechanical parts, cables and motors and a five year warranty on our own electronics.


Master Control Software

MillMaster Pro for Windows controls and graphically simulates a 3-axis milling type CNC control on any PC running Windows XP/7/8/10. The CNC part program can be typed directly into the editor screen, or can be generated via a CAD/CAM program. The interactive mode allows you to see the operation performed graphically as you type each CNC line, aiding in part program development or training. For documentation purposes, you can print the graphics screen and the part program together or separately. True circular interpolation on any two axes and simultaneous linear interpolation on all axes are standard. This allows full 3-D surfacing designs to be run on the target 3 axis machine.

Included Accessories:
  • Bed mill base system with 3 HP motor  
  • 5TPI (.200") ballscrews at .003" per foot max linear error 
  • Stepper motors (2) 42HT1700 (1) 34HT1275 
  • DriveRack high performance power Multidriver 
  • MN400 Continuous contouring motion controller
  • MillMaster Pro for Windows G-code control & graphical software 
  • Limit switches, cables, and technical manuals 
  • Included are the following pictured accessories:
52 piece clamping set

52 Piece Clamping Set

Drill chuck with key

5/8" JT33 Drill Chuck with Key

CNC Vise 4"

6" Precision CNC Vise

Face mill with 4 HSS inserts

Face Mill with 4 HSS inserts

Drill chuck arbor

Drill Chuck Arbor

Optional Accessories

3 Jaw Chuck & Adapter for Rotary tables

For 6" table order #900-0095-004

For 8" table order # 900-0095-010

4 Jaw Chuck & Adapter for Rotary tables

For 6" table order # 900-0095-021

For 8" table order # 900-0095-022

ER16 Collet Set

ER16 Collet Set (10 PCS)

#900-0200-001 (3/32" to 3/8")

#900-0200-002 (1 to 10mm)

20 PC Titanium End Mill Set

• Titanium Coated for longer life • High Speed Steel &bull Center Cutting, Single End • Complete with wooden storage case • 10 pieces 2-flute: 3/16” - 3/4” by 16ths • 10 pieces 4-flute: 3/16” - 3/4” by 16ths

6 PC R8 Milling Collet Set

Made of high grade steel and precision ground to close tolerance. Hardened. Internally thread: 7/16”-20. sizes: 1/8” to 3/4” by 8ths.

Solid Tool Holder Set

R8 End Mill Holder Set

Sizes: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4".


R8 to ER16 Collet Chuck

R8 to ER16 Collet Chuck

Holds drill bits and end mills. Use with ER16 collet set.



Edge Finder

Easy touch off to part sides to establish X and Y zero. Tip has 0.200" diameter.


Digital Probe

Digitizing Probe

Automated part zero locating and shape digitizing. Has 3/8" shaft and includes ruby tip.


Quick Change Tools

R8 QuickChange Tooling
Install the main body on your R8 spindle one time and from then on swap tools in a snap. No more cranking wrenches to change tools and no compressed air needed. #999-6500-090

Variable Speed Display

Variable Spindle Speed

Get remote on/off, direction control, and infinitely variable speeds from 5% to 200% of your motor's natural RPM. With this kit you'll be able to command the RPM or the SFM right from within your program! #999-6500-039

Flood Coolant Pump Kit

Coolant Pump Kit

Coolant system kit for knee mills. This kit will install on a typical knee mill and includes the brass fittings, clamp and hoses as well as a valved sprayer to complete your flood coolant recirculating system. #999-6500-016

MultiCAM Screen

Part Samples

Sample bearing plates
Sample nut mounts


Order #



CNC LeGrande 949



CNC LeGrande 1054



6 inch CNC Rotary Table



3 Jaw Chuck Kit for 6 inch Rotary Table



4 Jaw Chuck Kit for 8 inch Rotary Table



Tailstock for 6 inch Rotary Table



8 inch CNC Rotary Table



3 Jaw Chuck Kit for 8 inch Rotary Table



4 Jaw Chuck Kit for 6 inch Rotary Table



Tailstock for 8 and 10 inch Rotary Tables



10 inch CNC Rotary Table



3 HP Variable Speed Spindle Controller, LeGrande



Additional Axis Option 1/2 Stepping (2 to 3)



Additional Axis Option Micro Stepping



Tapping System Tension/Compression



Easychange Tooling System With 6 Tool Holders



15 inch Multi Core Laptop Computer



Industrial Tool Cart & Operator Station



Suspension Arm for Laptop/PC



6 PC R8 Round Collet Set



20 PC Titanium End Mill Set



Digitizing Probe



R8 End Mill Holder Set



R8 to ER16 Collet Chuck



ER16 Collet Set (Inch)



ER16 Collet Set (Metric)



Edge Finder



MultiCAM Millturn CAM Software



Coolant Pump Kit for Knee Mills



The following items are included with a system. They are listed here for re-ordering or purchasing extras.


Order #



6 inch CNC Machine Vise



Face Mill



58pc Clamping Set



Prices updated 02/15/2018