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TurnMaster Pro for Windows is a master control software for lathe type machines offering advanced features that are easy to understand and use. The CNC part program can be entered directly into the editor screen, or can be generated with a CAD/CAM program(such as MultiCAM, BobCAD, Surfcam, MasterCAM etc.... The interactive mode allows you to see the operation performed graphically as you type each CNC line, aiding in part program development or training. For documentation purposes, you can print the graphics screen and the part program together or seperately. The control offers many features including true circular interpolation, infinitely variable electronic threading, drilling canned cycles, automatic wizards, and dxf import of drawings. TurnMaster Pro supports advanced functions such as high performance VFD spindle control, Constant Surface Speed (CSS) functionality, tool offsets, automatic and manual tool changers, as well as pnuematic chucks and air collet closers. These advanced features are preconfigured and require minimal setup. No VB script or C languauge programming knowledge is needed.


  • Large X & Z axis coordinate display
  • Displays current G-code & setup filename in use
  • Outputs and machine status display
  • Graphical test mode with true tool diameter depiction for clearances
  • RS274D standard G & M-codes
  • Capacity for very long part programs as generated by CAD/CAM software
  • Backlash compensation
  • Easy tool jogging from keyboard
  • Supports subroutines/Macros and global variables
  • Graphically simulates all tool movements and cutting operations
  • Includes a full screen text editor
  • Automatically incorporates ramping on rapid traverse moves
  • Supports Constant Surface Speed(CSS) programming
  • Supports continuous contouring
  • Supports Automatic tool changers
  • Supports metric and inch programming
  • Decision making and branching based on variable/parameter value.
  • Automatic syntax checking flags programming errors before they become a problem.
  • Built in wizards which make common complex operations easy
  • CNC and DXF File drag and drop support

TurnMaster Pro for Windows Menu & Toolbar System

With an easy to use interface including:

Drop Down Menus, Quick Select Keys, and a Graphical Toolbar. Anyone can successfully use TurnMaster Pro for Windows to machine even the most complex parts...


TurnMaster Pro Editor



Speeds & Feeds

Supported G & M CODES:

Preparatory Functions (G-Codes)

G00 Rapid positioning move
G01 Linear cutting move
G02 Clockwise circular cutting move
G03 Counterclockwise circular cutting move
G04 Set dwell in seconds
G25 Execute subroutine
G26 Conditional branch
G27 Unconditional branch
G28 Set system or user defined variable to value
G33 Canned threading cycle
G70 Set inch programming (default)
G71 Set metric programming
G72 Set rotary table scaling
G74 Set single quadrant arc mode (default)
G75 Set multiple quadrant arc mode
G80 Cancel canned cycle
G81 Canned outside and inside diameter turning cycle
G82 Canned cycle for reducing part length (facing)
G83 Canned cycle for deep hole drilling with chip removal
G87 Canned cycle for deep hole drilling with chip break
G90 Set absolute programming mode
G91 Set incremental programming mode (default)
G92 Set current tool position counters to value

G96 Enable Constant Surface Speed mode G97 Disable Constant Surface Speed
Miscellaneous Functions (M-Codes)

M00 Temporary stop
M02 End of program stop
M03 Spindle on CW (output #1)
M04 Spindle on CCW (output #5)
M05 Spindle off (output#1, output#5)
M06 Tool change
M08 Coolant on (output #2)
M09 Coolant off (output #2)
M10 Vacuum on (output #3)
M11 Vacuum off (output #3)
M12 Auxiliary Output on (output #4)
M13 Auxiliary Output off (output #4)
M17 Return from subroutine
M25 Rapid traverse to home position
M39 Chuck close (output #6)
M40 Chuck open (output #6)
M66 Jog axis during execution
M97 Wait for true input state then continue
M99 Restart part program from beginning
Special Codes

+ Adds two variables
- Subtracts two variables
* Multiplies two variables
/ Divides two variables
A Rotary table angle
F Feedrate
S Spindle speed
T Tool number
V Rotary table velocity


MicroKinetics CNC software packages are expertly designed and tested to conform to stringent standards. Detailed testing procedures and checklists are followed to insure consistent, repeatable, high quality.


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