MicroKinetics Building


Located in Kennesaw Georgia, USA, MicroKinetics actively designs, manufactures, and markets an array of complementary products including motion controllers, drive electronics, power supplies, encoders, control software, design software, as well as complete milling, turning, and routing systems.


MicroKinetics was founded in 1985 by a young electrical engineering graduate from Southern Polytechnical State University (SPSU) in Marietta, Georgia. The original focus was to develop motion control electronics to run from the Apple IIe computer which was the de facto standard in education. As the IBM PC became more popular, suitable versions of these controllers were designed to meet customer requirements. A specialized CAD/CAM software package was also developed to provide a basic design/manufacture solution to schools and hobbyists.

Everything was originally designed for the small form factor of a typical benchtop machine. Demand for high power drivers grew and MicroKinetics designed these and began to offer kits to run larger machines. Additionally, MicroKinetics became a subcontractor in a military application where it developed a high performance dual axis (azimuth and elevation) ultra compact drive board. MicroKinetics also supplied drive modules and collaborated with engineers at NASA to create a window scanning system for the space shuttle. About 10 systems were employed to scan the windows of the shuttle as each returned from a space mission. In 1995, MicroKinetics broke ground on its current 10,314 square foot building in Cobb County, Georgia. This is where all research and development, assembly, testing, and most manufacturing operations are located today.

MicroKinetics has a casual, engineering setting and employs a small group of full time, part time, and contract associates.

MicroKinetics' Corporate Values

Integrity: We will practice the highest ethical standards, and honor our commitments. We will take personal responsibility for our actions, and treat everyone fairly and with respect.
Quality: We will strive for continuous quality improvement in everything we do. We will deliver the best quality products and services to our customers.
Creativity: We will find and create solutions that add value as a matter of daily activities.
Safety: We will maintain a safe workplace and safe procedures. We will promote the health and well-being of MicroKinetics employees.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to generate value by applying technology to provide highly desirable products and services to individuals and businesses throughout the world and to do so with integrity, ethics, and utmost dedication to our customers, employees and community.