MillMaster Pro™ Ver 6.0.006


MillMaster Pro (Full Install)

MillMaster Pro (Update Only)

Manual (.PDF format)


Installing MillMaster Pro

Click on the link to install and follow the on screen instructions. If you're using Vista, you'll have to click <Allow> a couple of times to make it work.

For OptiStep users, once Setup is complete, the installer will ask you to restart your computer. This will initialize the MillMaster Pro for Windows driver files. A restart is not necessary for newer systems that use the MN400.


Minimum System Requirements:

This software works well with Windows XP or XP Pro service pack 2 or 3 with a 1 Ghz or better processor, 1GB ram, minimal HD space, and an MN400 motion controller. All versions of Vista, Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 are supported although you'll need to have at least 2 Gig ram and you'll have a few extra prompts to go through when installing. If you're in a networked environment, you'll need to have administrative rights to install.

Also supported are legacy systems using Windows 98 2nd edition and the OptiStep or QuickPhase ISA controllers.

All other OS's are not tested and not explicitly supported.