QuickPhase Stepper Motor Indexer/Driver from MicroKinetics

Stepper Motor Indexer/Driver
Full/Half Step, 16V, 1.0A


  • Includes motion controller, translators, and power drivers on one card
  • Provides control for up to 3 axes per board
  • Has 6 inputs for end-of-travel limit switches
  • Automatic overtemperature protection
  • Does not require a device driver
  • Easy to use software
  • Programmable acceleration / deceleration
  • Uses bipolar chopper circuit to provide the highest performance
QuickPhase Photo

The QuickPhase-PC is a complete stepper motor indexer and driver for up to 3 axes. Its space saving design features on board 1 amp bipolar constant current drivers. The QuickPhase-PC inserts directly into any IBM-PC or compatible and requires no external enclosure. Use an external power supply or use one of your computer's disk drive power connectors. Suitable for low to medium speed applications, the QuickPhase-PC is ideal for CAD/CAM modeling, robotic and laboratory research applications.


Drive circuit

Bipolar constant current chopper

Chopping rate

20 KHz nominal

Operating Voltage range

10 ~ 16 VDC

Output current

1.0 Amp per phase(factory setting)

Limit Switch Input signals

6 TTL compatible active low

Auxiliary Output control signals

2 TTL compatible active low

Motor control outputs

4 current mode chopper lines per axis

Current capability

0.9 Amp per phase continuous

Working temperature range

32° F ~ 158° F (0° C ~ 70° C)


5 years parts and labor


Several software options are available. Any one software package will operate on its own. (i.e. you do not need one package to run another). The software you choose depends on your application. The software options are as follows: 1)MillMaster Protm or 2)TurnMaster Protm.


  • 8 or 16 bit IBM PC / AT expansion slot
  • DC power supply to power stepper motors

QuickPhase Block Diagram



QuickPhase Mechanical Outline



QuickPhase Typical Application Using Breakout 25-QP


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