DriveRack Service Kits

Service Kit w/ tools

The DriveRack unit has connectors where the motor cables plug in. The high current demand can impose electrical requirements that can lead to failure if not used properly. Replacing these contacts requires the exact part# replacement parts as well as proper crimping and pin extraction tools.

Kit, Conn Repair w/Tools

999-5900-000   $359  

Service Kit w/o tools

Repair Kit w/o Tools

Kit, Conn Repair w/o Tools

999-5900-001   $159  


Fan Filter

Fan filter should be replaced regularly to maintain proper air flow for cooling.

Fan Filter

300-9700-090   $4.50  


Milling Collets

Internal Motor Connection Harness

Harness, Internal, Driverack

999-5900-002   $20  


Prices updated 02/15/2018