Variable Speed Spindle Controller Kit

Express w/ Variable Speed Controller

This system is for controlling the speed and direction of a 3 phase AC motor as is common on lathes and milling machines. It shows the RPM of the spindle on a digital display, frequently eliminates the need to change mechanical gears or belts and as a side benefit, eliminates the need for 3 phase power or rotary converter because it runs on single phase 208-240 Vac.

This can be operated from the included panel or with a CNC Master program MillMaster pro or TurnMaster Pro. When used with these systems, you may use the S code to automatically set your spindle speed. For example, placing the command S500 in your program will set the tool rotation to 500 RPM. The commands M3, M4, and M5 are used to select <ON CW>, <ON CCW>, and <OFF> respectively. The system will wait for the spindle to come up to speed before begining the cut. Now you can use this for automatic tapping.

Includes inverter, cabinet, remote keypad, emergency stop, mounting hardware and computer interface serial cables and a USB to serial converter for computer command. The unit comes with simplified setup instructions. Also available without the feedrate override style to accommodate machines that already have that function intergated on the panel. (Drawings for that version coming soon.)

Now available for 2 HP and 3 HP motors standard. Inquire for other HP availability.