USB to Serial Cable Driver Downloads

The USB to Serial cable is used to connect the VFD to a computer. Click on the appropriate link below to download the device driver package. Open the package and choose the proper driver for your operating system, then install it on your computer before plugging in the cable. Once the driver is installed plug in the cable to the computer (does not have to be connected to the VFD at this time). When the cable is recognized it will show you (briefly) which com port has been installed. If you don't see the message, click on the start button in the lower right hand corner of your computer screen and type in "device manager" in the search box. Bring up the device manager and click on the "Ports (Com and LPT) entry to open it up. The com port number that the USB to Serial cable uses will be listed.

Sabrent USB to Serial device driver

340 chipset USB to Serial device driver