Get the most from your MicroKinetics CNC Lathe!

The 1236 CNC Lathe and TurnMaster Pro software have reputations as powerful but user-friendly systems. However, using the full potential of these systems requires a thorough understanding of all their features and capabilities.

A hands-on tutorial with a MicroKinetics specialist is the most efficient method to gain the knowledge and harness the full power of your new turning system. Become proficient and productive in 2 days rather than the weeks it may take to discover all the features on your own.

MicroKinetics offers a 2-day workshop to help you to maximize your productivity with the 1236 CNC Lathe system. The training combines computer demonstrations, lectures, exercises, and hands-on CNC machining. Class sizes are limited to offer more individualized instruction that can better address the needs and the interests of the attendees.

TurnMaster Pro for Windows


You will learn:

  • How to maximize the capabilities of your 1236 CNC Lathe
  • How others are using its power and technology to produce parts like never before
  • How to use the supplied accessories to achieve the results you need

Topics covered:

  • Proper machine setup
  • Part orientation in the coordinate system
  • Work holding
  • Establishing a start point
  • Selecting a feed speed
  • Running a part program
  • Using Canned Cycles

The bottom line on this workshop is you will avoid the trial and error of figuring everything out yourself, you will save yourself time and frustration, and you’ll get the best information right from the experts who designed this and other CNC systems.

You will be creating parts similar to the ones shown below during your training.




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Factory Training - Lathe, June 8th-9th, 2016, per person



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When: As indicated above if dates are assigned.
Where: MicroKinetics facility in Kennesaw, GA, just north of Atlanta. (Transportation and accomodations are the reponsibility of the attendee).
Cost: $1,295 per person prepaid. Lunch and refreshments provided.