Stepper Motors

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The two most important factors in selecting a stepper motor are the torque and the current requirements. Choose a motor that can develop enough torque to overcome the frictional and inertial loads at the highest stepping rate needed. The current rating is a maximum continuous duty rating. You can certainly operate a motor at somewhat less than the rated current to reduce motor heating or to get away with a smaller driver for cost reasons. You may also overdrive a stepper motor if adequate heat sinking is available or if the operate to idle ratio (duty cycle) is relatively low and the driver provides a "current cutback at idle" capability.



Holding Torque: 175 Oz in
Product Part # Price Order
23HT175D 4 lead 305-2317-080 $54
23HT175D w/circ conn 305-2317-180 $69
23HT175D w/DIN conn 305-2317-280 $59


Holding Torque: 350 Oz in
Product Part # Price Order
23HT350 double shaft 305-2335-040 $86
23HT350 S w/circ conn 305-2335-140 $98
Motor 23HT350 D, armored w/circ. conn. 305-2335-280 $151


Holding Torque: 390 Oz in
Product Part # Price Order
34HT390 single shaft 305-3439-080 $157
34HT390 Double shaft 305-3439-081 $187
34HT390 w/ circ conn 305-3439-180 $173
34HT390 Double Shaft w/circ conn 305-3439-281 $212


Holding Torque: 750 Oz in
Product Part # Price Order
34HT750 single shaft w/Leads 305-3475-080 $181
34HT750 w/ circ conn 305-3475-180 $206
34HT750, armored w/circ. conn. 305-3475-280 $246


Holding Torque: 1275 Oz in
Product Part # Price Order
34HT1275 single shaft w/Leads 305-3412-080 $212
34HT1275 Single w/circ conn 305-3412-180 $237
34HT1275 single shaft, armored w/circ. conn. 305-3412-280 $277


Holding Torque: 1700 Oz in
Product Part # Price Order
42HT1700 Double shaft 305-4217-081 $298
42HT1700 Double shaft w/circ. conn 305-4217-181 $323
42HT1700 Double shaft, armored w/circ. conn 305-4217-281 $343


Holding Torque: 4000 Oz in
Product Part # Price Order
42HT4000 305-4240-001 $336
42HT4000 w/ circ connector 305-4240-101 $348