• Rugged all steel construction shields against RFI/EMI interference
  • Completely wired and tested system for ease of installation
  • Emergency stop and keylock for improved safety
  • High (105) CFM fan increases reliability
  • Externally removable and washable fan filter eases maintenance
  • Solid state relays for AC control allow control of external devices
  • Tower configuration available on request

The DriveRack is a rack mountable enclosure containing all of the necessary electronics, switches, indicator lights and wiring. A DriveRack has an electronically latched ON/OFF keylock switch, emergency stop button, two solid state relays to control spindle, vacuum, coolant etc.,a powerful (105 cfm) fan, and your choice of drivers and power supplies. Drivers are available in full/half stepping and micro-stepping models. Custom configurations are available.

Inside the DriveRack

 Full/half stepping model is:  DR8010 (80V)
 Microstepping model is:  DM8010 (80V)