Motionet™ MN100
Single Axis Controller for Networked Applications


  • RS-485 interface to PC
  • Up to 127 devices can be networked
  • Four software selectable baud rates (9600, 19200, 38400, and 57600)
  • Convenient device addressing via on-board rotary dip switches
  • Easy to use command set
  • Connects directly to existing drivers
MN100 Photo

The MN100 is a single axis stepper motor controller. It communicates with a master controller or a PC via RS485 serial port. The MN100 controller can be used with our DM8010, DR8010, DM4050, and UnoDrive or with any third party driver that accepts industry standard step and direction commands.


Maximum Step Rate

20,000 pulses/sec

Minimum Step Rate

20 pulses/sec

Operating Voltage

5 VDC ±5%

Current Requirements

100mA max.


1 Step and 1 Direction (TTL compatible)


6 TTL compatible (See Table 3)

I/O Ports

1 User Defined I/O (TTL compatible)

Output Current Drive

25 mA sink or source on each output

Physical dimensions

2.235" w × 2.325" d × 0.75" h

Working temperature range

32° F ~ 158° F (0° C ~ 70° C)

MN100 Typical System Diagram


MN100 Block Diagram


MN100 Typical Application Using UnoDrive


MN100 Typical Application for Other Drivers


MN100 Mechanical Outline


MN100 Command Summary

Command Command Definition Parameter Function
E Read Position None Returns the position counter.
F Profile Select 0 to 5 Selects the acceleration profile (See Table 4).
G Jog Tap Steps 1 to 255 Set the number of steps per button push.
H Hold 0 or 1 0 - disables synchronized moves between drivers. Execute moves immediately.
1 - enables synchronized moves between drivers. Waits for release command before executing move commands. (Remote)
I Set Mode 0 or 1 0 - absolute mode (default)
1 - incremental mode
K Release None Enables move commands if HOLD is enabled. (Remote)
L Load Count ±8,388,607 Loads the position register with the specified data.
M Move ±8,388,607 Performs an accelerated move generating the specified number of steps. Returns exit code if an error occurred or if the move was terminated by a switch closure.
N Read Count None Returns the number of uncompleted steps.
O Loop None Restart the program from beginning. (Program)
Q Abort Move None Aborts the move in progress. (Remote)
R Read Memory None Returns the program stored in memory.
S Port Status 0 to 2 Returns status of the input ports (port0 or port 2).
U Run Program None Runs the program stored in memory. (Remote)
V Velocity 20 to 20000 Sets the speed in steps/sec.
W Wait None Halts program until input is low. (Remote)
Y Jog Speed 20 to 20000 Sets the speed for jogging (not accelerated).
Z Program Mode None Puts the device in program mode. All subsequent commands are written to memory until <Ctrl-D> is received. (Remote)
? Firmware Revision None Returns the device name and firmware revision. (Remote)
* Poll None Request response from all connected controllers. (Remote)
& Retransmit None Request the MN slave to resend the last message. (Remote)
~ Change Baud Rate 0 to 4 Changes baud rate. Must be sent to all devices simultaneously (address 0) . 0 - 9600, 1 - 19200, 2 - 38.4K, 3 - 57.6K, 4 - 115K. (Remote)
! Configure and Read/Write I/O Port 0 to 3 Controls reading and writing of I/O port.
0 - output at 0VDC (low)
1 - output at 5VDC (high)
2 - input to run program on switch closure (default)
3 - input with interrupt (high to low transition) (Remote)
# Label <text> Marks a point in the program for branching. (Program)
^ Branch <text> Transfers program execution to a line following a # with matching label. (Program)