Mighty Drive


  • Cost effective modular design
  • Uses compact UnoDrives to allow expansion from 1 to 4 axes
  • Individually selectable full-step or half-step operation on each axis
  • Automatic overtemperature protection
  • Solid State Relay (12 AMP) for spindle motor or general purpose AC control.

The new MightyDrive is a compact, modular stepper motor driver subsystem. Available in 1, 2, 3, or 4 axis models, the MightyDrive attaches directly to the OptiStep or the MN400E controller via a standard 25 pin D type cable. The current per phase is factory set at 1.2 amps but can be adjusted via a resistor. The built-in 40 volt high efficiency power supply delivers 1.2 amps per phase to up to 4 stepper motors.


 Drive circuit  Bipolar constant current
 Chopping rate  20 KHz nominal
 Operating voltage  40 VDC
 Output Current  1.2 amps per phase continuous
 Stepping Mode  Half / Full step selectable
 Current cutback  Half current. after 1/2 second of idle
 Step inputs  4 TTL compat. pos. edge trig.
 Direction inputs  4 TTL compatible
 Limit switch inputs  8 TTL compatible
 Shield switch input  1 TTL compatible
 Control output  1 AC 12Aamp non inductive 5 Amp inductive max.
Motor control outputs  4 lines per axis
 Working temp. range  32 F ~ 158 F (0 C ~ 70 C)
 Warranty  5 years parts and labor