• Completely wired and tested system
  • Emergency stop and lighted power switch
  • Bicolored LEDs to indicate motion and output status
  • Solid state relays for AC control
  • Built-in cooling fan
  • Toroidal transformer for compact overall profile
 Superdrive Photo

SuperDrive is a complete power driver subsystem with built in power supply and drivers for up to 3 stepper motors and 2 software controlled AC outlets. This controller is equipped with output status indicators and an emergency stop button. Can be used with most motion controllers capable of generating step and direction signals. Simple plug and play operation can be achieved with the MN400E motion controller.

The SuperDrive provides affordable, efficient motion control for stepper motors from 30 to 450 oz-in. Maximum output is 3.5 amps per phase for the halfstep model and 5.0 amps per phase for the microstepping model, both operate at 40VDC which is ideal for 4 wire, 6 wire and 8 wire stepper motors rated at 2 to 20 volts DC.

Superdrive Mechanical Outline