CNC Machining Centers

CNC Machine Shop

A highly capable CNC machine shop can be put together with modest space and budget requirements. A typical setup may include a CNC Express milling machine, a CNC lathe 1236 or 1340, a CNC desktop or benchtop mill, a CNC desktop or benchtop lathe, a dedicated PC per machine, and some basic accessories! The speed of CNC prototyping and the reduction in design cycle time are now within the reach of everyone from the hobbyist to the R&D department of a large company!


CNC Express Milling Machine

CNC Express GTSCNC Express  

The CNC Express is one of the finest examples of applying the latest advances in technology to reduce cost and offer value. Capitalizing on a proven, solid, mid-size machine, the CNC Express has a good size machining envelope, runs on 115 VAC, has high speed machining performance, and accommodates coolant, and spindle on/off control.
The custom made precision ballscrews on both the X and Y axes allow precision conventional and climb milling operations and accurate circular and contour cuts along any pair of axes without time consuming setups. Each CNC System is expertly built and performance tested to conform to stringent standards. All components are performance tested as individual units before integration into the machine. The machines are tested once again for performance and quality prior to shipment to ensure consistency, repeatability, and high quality. This process is carried through to packaging and crating.Offering impressive machining power, repeatability, and convenience, the CNC Express Milling System is available as a prebuilt and certified factory system or as a user installed retrofit kit with detailed step-by-step instructions .

CNC Lathe Model 1236

CNC Lathe Model 1236 is capable of many of the same operations as larger CNC lathes, yet costs a small fraction of the production models offered by major manufacturers. Advanced CNC machining on a lathe using a standard PC is now practical. The electronic threading option allows infinite varieties of standard and custom internal and external threads which also support pipe threads. The VFD option allows program controlled on/off and spindle speed and direction with digital precision.

  CNC Lathe 1236 Photo

CNC Desktop Mill

The CNC Desktop Mill features a solid, enclosure with a clear plexiglass sliding front section and is ideal as a CNC trainer or small parts prototyping machine. Includeded is the MN400E motion controller and the MillMaster Pro 2009 G-code interpreter software. Powerful 175 oz-in motors on all axes as well as the safety of electronic safety interlock.


CNC Desktop Mill Photo

CNC Desktop Lathe
Desktop Lathe Photo

The CNC Desktop Lathe is a complete turning machine includes the MN400E motion controller. The control software is the TurnMaster Pro. Precision ground bedways and 175 oz-in motors provide unmatched quality and performance. Includes electronically monitored safety interlock important in training enviroments. Optional electronic threading is available.


CNC Benchtop Mill

The CNC Benchtop Mill is a complete milling machine which includes the MN400E motion controller. The control software included is the MillMaster Pro. Powerful 175 oz-in motors on all axes provide excellent performance.


  Benchtop Mill Photo

CNC Benchtop Lathe

Benchtop Lathe Photo


The CNC Benchtop Lathe is an open frame turning machine and includes the MN400E motion controllers and the TurnMaster Pro G-code interpreter software. Powerful 175 oz-in motors provide superior performance. Extra long bed and electronic threading options are available.


4 Axis Benchtop CNC Mill
4 Axis Mill Photo  

The 4 axis Benchtop CNC system comes complete with everything you need for full 4 axis simultaneous operation; all you provide is a low cost PC or laptop and you're ready to make jewelry, rings and custom gears under CNC control without special attachments.


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