Machining Books

Tabletop Machining

Machine Shop Trade Secrets, by James A Harvey.

Written by an experienced machinist and plastic injection mold maker, this groundbreaking manual will have users thinking and producing like experienced machinists. Machine Shop Trade Secrets provides practical "how-to" information that can immediately be put to use to improve ones machining skills, craftsmanship, and productivity. It is sure to be used and referred to time and again. Users will discover ways to: • Work faster • Select, make, and grind cutters • Surface grind blocks, pins and shapes • Cut threads, knurl parts and eliminate warp • Choose realistic feeds, speeds and depths of cut • Remove broken taps, drill bits and other hardware • Apply proven CNC techniques to maximize output • Improve surface finishes and hold tighter tolerances • Assist engineers with design and manufacturing issues •  Improve indicating skills and develop a "feel" for machining.

999-5800-006 $38.50

Tabletop Machining

Tabletop Machining, by Joe Martin.

A basic approach to making small parts on miniature machine tools. The book covers manual machining principles for lathe & milling operations. This book gives you not just the "hows", but also the "whys" of machining practices. Included are descriptions as well as detailed photos and drawings. A large selection of project photos illustrate the amazing work that has been produced by craftsmen using these small but capable tools. The detail & complexity that can be acheived using these machines will astound you!

999-5800-000 $39.90

The Home Machinists Handbook

The Home Machinist's Handbook, by Doug Briney.

A complete guide for all home machinists & hobbyists. This book covers it all, from how to set up a shop to instructions for actual projects you can make in your shop. It will guide you through the selection of hand & bench tools, basic lathe & milling operations, & selection of materials. Then you can practice what you've learned with the numerous projects provided with illustrations & photographs. A "must have" for all hobbyists!

 999-5800-002 $17.90

Machine Shop Essentials

Machine Shop Essentials;Questions & Answers, by Frank M. Marlow.

A comprehensive and detailed presentation of manual machine tools and methods, machine shop know-how and practical shop tips. Machine Shop Essentials is for machinists, engineers, model makers, R & D lab technicians, instrument makers, prototype builders, product designers and gunsmiths who need to make prototypes, models or spare parts, or need to modify existing equipment. This book can also be used to gain a basic understanding of machine tools before moving on to computer-controlled machine tools.

999-5800-005 $44.95 

Machinery's Handbook 29th Edition, published by Industrial Press, Inc.

"The Bible of the Mechanical Industries," Machinery's Handbook is the most popular engineering reference book of all time and is considered the standard reference for the mechanical industries throughout the world.

999-5800-004 $79.90