Motion Controllers

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For your own CNC and machine automation projects, MicroKinetics manufactures a variety of motion controllers. Here are the selections available and the features:

The Motionet MN100 is a low cost, single axis, networkable controller that is PC independent. Use the MN100 where true coordinated motion between axes is not required.

The Motionet MN400 is a high performance, 4 axis, coordinated motion controller suitable for microstepping applications.

The Motionet MN400E is the prebuilt cabinet version with power supply, control switches, feedrate override control, and LED indicators. This is an excellent control console to conveniently evaluate most of if not all of the MN400's features as well as an add on option for legacy DriveRacks and MightyDrive systems to take advantage of New operating systems, USB and eliminate the ISA slot requirement of older controllers.

Motionet™ MN400

Multi-Axis Contouring Motion Controller With USB Interface


  • Linear and circular interpolation
  • Point-to-point positioning
  • Coordinated motion
  • Jogging
  • Vector positioning
  • Continuous Contouring
  • Electronic gearing


  • Controls up to 4 axes
  • Serial communications via RS232 or RS485 jumper selectable
  • 8 Kbyte FLASH memory for non-volatile program & configuration storage
  • Well engineered instructions with 30 powerful ASCII commands
  • Analog inputs for interactive feedrate override and jog speed control
  • Resolution selection for jog mode
  • Complete opto-isolation of driver power for improved reliability
  • Programmable acceleration/deceleration
  • Remote and local jogging
  • Optional 4 channel incremental encoder feedback board
Product Additional Details Order # Price Order
MN400 Controller Rt Angle Conn View Data Sheet 900-4000-004 $295
MN400 Controller Straight Conn View Data Sheet 900-4000-005 $295
MN401 Breakout View Data Sheet 900-4000-401 $32
8 inch ribbon cable w/SCSI50 View Data Sheet 332-0000-019 $29.50
24 inch ribbon cable w/SCSI50 View Data Sheet 332-0000-020 $38.50
DB9 Cable View Data Sheet 332-0000-011 $10

Motionet MN400E - Cabinet Style Controller With Operator Interface


The MN400E is the enclosed version of the MN400 controller. It provides a control panel with switches and indicators and supplies power to the board. Ideal for the desktop and benchtop machines as well as an engineering evaluation system. Can be used as an upgrade for older Driverack and Mightydrive systems to support USB and/or the latest windows operating systems.

Product Additional Details Order # Price Order
Motionet MN400E View Data Sheet 999-3600-000 $774
Motionet MN400E 220V View Data Sheet 999-3600-001 $774
Cable SCSI50M to DB25M Used to upgrade an old Driverack or Mightydrive 332-0050-025 $50
Cable SCSI50M to DB25M/DB15M Used to upgrade an old Driverack or Mightydrive with lathe threading support 332-0050-125 $75

Motionet MN100 - Single Axis Networked Controller

MN100 Photo

The MN100 is a single axis stepper motor controller. It communicates with a master controller or a PC via RS485 serial port. The MN100 controller can be used with the DM8010, DR8010, DM4050, and UnoDrive or with any third party driver that accepts industry standard step and direction commands.


  • Up to 127 devices can be networked
  • Four software selectable baud rates (9600, 19200, 38400, and 57600)
  • Convenient device addressing via on-board rotary dip switches
  • Easy to use command set
  • Connects directly to existing drivers
Product Additional Details Order # Price Order
Motionet MN100U Indexer View Data Sheet 900-4000-001 $99
Motionet MN100X View Data Sheet 900-4000-002 $99
MOTIONET-MN85 RS232 TO 485 C SS011 900-4000-085 $85