MultiCAM is a refreshingly easy to use 2.5 D Computer Aided Manufacturing software for the design and manufacture of mechanical parts. By simply creating lines, arcs, circles, and rectangles or by importing a DXF file created with AutoCAD or other CAD program, anyone with basic computer skills can create well written CNC part programs and fabricate high precision parts.

Here's an overview of how MultiCAM works:


1) You simply create the geometry by drawing it directly in MultiCAM or importing a DXF file from an existing drawing.

2) Select a cutting tool and place a tool path along any continuous geometry.

3) Automatic pockets with island(s) avoidance and multiple sweeps can be placed to any finish depth.

4) Finishing passes are placed with a simple point and click of the mouse.

5) Select CAM-Make CNC MIll File, this writes the G-code file in seconds!

6) Selecting another menu item runs MillMaster Pro (sold separately), automatically loading the corresponding part program for the fastest design/make cycles!

With built-in CAD type editing features such as scaling, mirroring, rotating, trimming, and extending, MultiCAM Mill makes it fun to construct a complex shape without reverting to complex CAD software.

The CAM features are able to place lead-in and lead-out for mar free tool entry and exit.

As with any tool, the useability and ease of use will dictate the value. If you are currently using Millmaster pro, MultiCAM will help you become more productive and give you more impressive results with less effort than with any other CAM product. Period!


  • Automatic pocketing roughing cuts include spiral, unidrirectional, bidirectional, horizontal, or vertical modes.
  • Cutter rolls around the corners for precision profiling
  • Lead-in/Lead-out for better quality finish cuts
  • Creates industry standard RS274D CNC code
  • Extensive lettering and engraving capability with TrueType® font support
  • Optional automatic comments included with CNC code
  • Independently programmable roughing and finishing feed rates
  • Digital readout of cursor position during part design
  • Very easy to use - just draw the profile using Lines, Arcs, etc.. or import AutoCAD® DXF files
  • "Hot Keys" for single keystroke access to common functions
  • Directly supports metric and inch designs

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