DM8010tm Stepper Motor Driver
Microstepping, 80V 10A



  • 14 user selectable step resolutions (on-the-fly switching capable)
  • Anti-resonance circuitry for smooth operation
  • Full over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection
  • Opto-isolation on inputs keeps high power noise from interfering with motion controller logic
  • Exact phase current is set with a resistor
  • Compact design for ease of placement
  • Bipolar chopper circuit provides the highest efficiency and motor performance
  • Fault and On-Full-Step output signals provided for intelligent feedback to motion controller
  • Automatic inverse-speed-proportional current reduction down to programmable current
DM8010 Photo

The DM8010 is a single axis microstepping motor driver. It can drive motors with up to 80 volts for excellent high speed performance. The DM8010 can be used in conjunction with our OptiStep Plustm, MN100, or MN400 motion controller or with any controller capable of producing TTL compatible step and direction signals. Phase current is resistor settable and ranges from 2 to 10 Amps.


Drive circuit

Constant current bipolar chopper

Chopping rate

20 KHz nominal

Maximum step rate

300 KHz

Operating voltage range

24 ~ 80 VDC

Output Current

2 - 10 Amps peak per phase(selectable)

Stepping Modes

14 selectable binary & decimal resolutions

Current cutback

Resistor selectable idle current

Step input signal

TTL compatible positive edge trigger

Direction input signal

TTL compatible

Fault and On-Full-Step output signals

Open collector (50 mA max sink)

Motor control connections

4 screw terminals for 2 motor windings

Physical dimensions

6.32" × 2.650" × 1.50"

Working temperature range

32° F ~ 158° F (0° C ~ 70° C)


5 years parts & labor

DM8010 Block Diagram


DM8010 Typical Application


DM8010 Mechanical Outline