OptiStep Plus Motion Control Card from MicroKinetics - Motion Controllers

OptiStep Plus-PC
Motion Control Card For PC/AT, 1-4 axes


  • Cost effective, field proven design
  • Total interactivity with the user
  • Easy to use software
  • Occupies a single slot
  • Does not require a device driver
  • Does not tie up a parallel or serial port
  • Provides coordinated control of up to 4 axes
  • Programmable acceleration / deceleration
  • Provides complete electrical isolation between computer and driver
  • Synchronizes to external pulse source to accommodate Wire EDM, Lathe threading, & electronic gearing
  • Available with feedrate override and potentiometer
OptiStep Plus Photo

The OptiStep Plus-PC is a high performance motion control card for IBM PC/AT computers that operates up to 4 axes. The control lines are optically isolated and provide step and direction signals for every axis as well as two current control lines that allow the selection of four current levels. The OptiStep Plus controller can be used in conjunction with any of our stepper motor drivers or with any third party driver product that accepts industry standard step and direction commands.


Step signals

4 optoisolated open collector

Direction signals

4 optoisolated open collector

Current level selection signals

2 optoisolated open collector

Limit switch input signals

8 TTL compatible active low

Shield interrupt input signal

1 TTL compatible active low

Auxiliary input signals

6 TTL compatible active low

Auxiliary output signals

6 optoisolated open collector

Maximum step rate

26,000 SPS

Working temperature range

32° F ~ 158° F (0° C ~ 70° C)


5 years parts and labor


Several software options are available. Any one software package will operate on its own. (i.e. you do not need one package to run another). The software you choose depends on your application. The software options are as follows: 1)MillMaster Protm; 2)TurnMaster Protm ; 3)SuperScribetm; or 4)InSteptm. InSteptm provides the most flexibility but requires some computer programming knowledge, while the other packages are more machinist oriented.


  • 8 or 16 bit IBM PC / AT expansion slot
  • 5 to 7 volts DC external power supply (to power opto-isolation circuit capable of at least 450mA)

OptiStep Plus Block Diagram


OptiStep Plus Block Mechanical Outline


OptiStep Plus Typical Application


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